All About The Multy

About The Multy

The most versatile of products, The Multy is an innovative baby crib, highchair, child’s seat and storage system all in one – an indispensable addition to any family home.

The Multy

A product which fits perfectly into family life

The Multy is highly-versatile piece of nursery furniture which will be suitable for your child from birth to up to 10-years-old.

After being used as a crib, it then converts to highchair (later on a child’s seat) and storage system, suitable for essentials and toys.

From sleeping soundly to making mealtimes easy – The Multy grows with your child. Your baby will grow to love it, and you’ll love the convenience.

Benefits of The Multy are:

  • Rocks forward and backwards naturally, rather than side to side, mimicking the natural cuddle of a parent
  • Multi-angled positioning facility to help reduce reflux
  • Grows with your child, from crib, to highchair, child’s seat and then storage for essentials and toys
  • Designed for durability and manufactured to the highest quality and using premium materials, ensuring it will be enjoyed at home long after your baby has grown
  • Contemporary design
  • Flat packed

Product specifications:

  • Full Dimensions:  94 x 53 x 85 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight (in box for delivery): 23.5kg
  • Mattress size: 390 x 890mm (standard mattress will fit the crib)
  • Age range: From birth up to 10 years (maximum weight 60kg)
  • Colour: White

What's in the box:

The Multy is delivered flat-packed and comes with easy to follow assembly instructions:

Your box will include:

  • 1 crib basket
  • 1 multi-purpose stand
  • 1 chair set
  • 1 locking mechanism
  • 1 5-point safety harness
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 wooden shelf
  • 2 material baskets
  • 1 side pocket
  • 1 wall mounting kit

*The Multy complies the following industry standards:

Crib BS/EN 1130-1 1997
Chair BS/EN 14988-1 2006 + A1:2012

Click here to download the safety certificate

multy crib

multy crib

The Crib

It works like a dream

Designed to gently sway backwards and forwards to mimic being rocked to sleep in their parents’ arms, The Multy crib can also be gently tilted at varying angles to assist a baby sleeping with colic or reflux.

At least 40 per cent of babies suffer from reflux and struggle to sleep for lengthy periods.

Positioning and inclining the upper body of your baby is advised, and The Multy has been designed specifically to assist, locking in a number of tilted positions, from a gentle tilt to approximately 10 degrees.


  • Turns from a crib into a high chair and storage unit without the need to buy additional parts or components
  • It locks and it rocks and can be locked in several angled positions, designed to lessen impact of reflux, colic, and the common cold
  • Rocks longitudinally, mimicking the natural cuddle of a parent (research has shown this is more comfortable especially for motion sensitive babies)
  • Compact design to suit a position next to or at the bottom of the parents bed
  • Contemporary look, yet still maintaining a cute, baby feel

multy crib

multy crib

1Stay close by baby's side

At rest and locked safely in a horizontal position, the crib is the perfect size for positioning next to the bedside to allow close attention to your sleeping baby. The open sides afford high baby to parent visibility and contact. Note the useful storage tray for baby essentials.

multy crib

2Calm and comforting

Move the locking safety arm to first position, this will place the baby in a gentle tilt to assist with colic or reflux – no house bricks or books required to prop The Multy crib at an angle.

multy crib

3Reflux reduced

At the furthest point your baby will be tilted at a slightly less gentle angle – approximately 10 degrees which will aid with gastroesophageal reflux. Positioning and inclining the upper body of your baby is the most important thing when trying to manage reflux.

Highchair and child’s seat

Making mealtimes easy

The clever design of The Multy’s highchair feature means it can be adjusted from the very first time your baby can sit upright until they are a young adult, meaning it will help them make the transition from a highchair as a baby to sitting at the ‘big table’ with their family and friends.

The high-quality production, use of premium materials, and fully adjustable seat and feet rest positions, means the chair can continually grow with your child and continue to be used well beyond the highchair days.

Benefits are:

  • Simple design for ease of cleaning
  • Unique curved design enables the chair to be positioned closely to a dining table
  • Adjustable height so it can continually be used as the child grows
  • Removable table and optional plastic cover tray
  • Adjustable footrest slots at the bottom of the stand - useful to assist your child to reach the bathroom sink to brush their teeth, or help mum in the kitchen cooking
  • Can even seat adults when tray is removed and be used as a spare chair around the dinner table

multy chair

multy highchair

Essential storage

Save space…and keep your treasured memories

It’s not usually too long before a baby has more belongings and day-to-day essentials than their parents, and as your child grows up, storage space can become an increasingly difficult problem.

That’s why we’ve designed the crib section to convert easily into an attractive storage space, ideal for a nursery or bedroom, providing vital space through one shelf and two baskets. This useful storage unit can be freestanding or wall mounted.

We know that The Multy will hold many memories for parents through its years of use as a crib, highchair and child’s chair, and by converting it into lasting storage, it means those memories will never be lost, whilst The Multy will continue to add value to your life.

multy storage


A number of accessories are available for The Multy. They are as follows:

  • Clip-on removable plastic tray (available in white or black) - £14.99
  • Shelving Unit Accessories Pack - £24.99 + £4.99 P&P

Coming Soon

  • Bedding bale
  • Electronic motor unit - allows the crib to be rocked whilst the parent is out of the room


Buy your Multy today for only £179.99 + £14.99 P&P

Delivered to your door and easy to assemble, The Multy will become an essential part of family life for years to come.